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About Our Organization

Members of this club are discerning supporters of traditional jass, who seek by donation and participation, to perpetuate Traditional Jass (aka Dixieland).  This is the music that was born in New Orleans, out of Ragtime, and spread throughout the world.  There are several types of this music including, New Orleans, Chicago, and West Coast.  To perpetuate the music this club is dedicated to providing a place for it to be played and heard by those who wish to play or listen.  The history of the music will be a vital part of each performance.

This club is a division of the not-for-profit California Corporation, The Society For The Preservation Of Big Band Jazz, which has three divisions, this one, one for Swing Music, and one for the 20’s style dance music, which presently houses “The Palace Hot Dance Orchestra”.

We believe that an important part of keeping our music alive rests with our youth.  During our events our second set of music is for any youth who wants to play.  We encourage them to attend our meetings and play. We also sponser at least two youth to attend one the jass camps listed on our main page where they receive an entire week of intense music training in traditional jazz and swing.  We use membership fees and donations to pay their entire tuition.

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