Traveling from the 101 South or North:

  • Travel on Hiway 101 until you get to the ext. for hiway 150 (Carpenteria area)
  •  Head East on the 150 toward Ojai and Lake Casitas
  •  Approximately 3 miles you will see a black gate on your right.  Turn right towards the black gate.
  •     (hopefully the signs will be up)
  • On your left will be multiple mailboxes and a CALTRANs emergency phone with the number 150-7
  •  Enter the gate and drive uphill for about 1 mile until a cement driveway on the left with a pyramid of bricks that says  Eagles Crest with 6500 and 6520 on it. Jass Sign Should be Posted
  • Travel all the way up the driveway until you see a white house on the right, pass that house and a little further up the road you will veer left to the saloon.


WWW; locator  6500 Casitas Pass Rd., Ventura, CA, 93001

This will only get you to the black gate at the bottom of the hill.